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Project - Main Page - Webgod.Ro - daNN1eL - 07-05-2022

Hi everyone! 


As you can see the main project page was updated after few time. 
What's new here: 

  • Main page with main menu : Services - Portfolio - Forums - Hire Us 
  • Buttons with sections of what we can do, like webdesign for: mybb, xenforo, ipb & ips, vbulletin, phpbb and more others like presentation pages, store, portfolios, galleries and more using
    JavaScript • HTML5 • CSS • PHP
  • Portfolio section where you can find our latest projects. 
  • Utility links
  • Social media links. 

We still working on it, if you find bugs, errors or stuff like this what need to be fixed this topic is open and you can reply as well.

You can also test CONTACT & HIRE US page. 
Thank you for your interest.

RE: Project - Main Page - Webgod.Ro - Leynad - 07-16-2022

The project looks very good for the beginning but I think that in the future some changes will have to be made and maybe newer themes will be added.

RE: Project - Main Page - Webgod.Ro - Leynad - 09-10-2022

Any updates ?